Will these pages be penalized?

Tuesday, February 12, 2008 by Mistlee

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WebProWorld Members,

I think Rafael and Jordan might already have told you a little about the changes we have been making here at the office. One major change is our video studio. You can see a couple of the changes in this video, complete with a new backdrop and TV. Also, we are also working on a photo site to share all of the pictures from our WebProNews outings and the conferences we attend. I'm looking forward to that since I am the one taking most of the pictures. I will keep you all updated when that site goes up! :)

Our featured post today comes from handcrafteduk, who has two sites with categories that are relevant to each other. He wants to know if this will be penalized by the search engines. Click here to go to the post if you can help.

And as for the remaining posts go, the first has a question about domains names and SEO. The second needs help with locating broken links in a site. And today's needs some suggestions on pay per play (audio) advertising.

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Will These Pages Be Penalized?
Will these pages be penalized?

I've just finished setting up my second website and one of the categories from the first site is also relevant to the second. Thing is, they've both got the same copy in the writing. You can compare them here:

Site 1: http://www.handcrafteduk.com/ethnicgiftsthegreenman-c-3_47.html

Site 2: http://www.paganbound.com/thegreenman-c-63.html

So, they're both very similar. So, what I wanted to know is: Will this be penalized by the search engines? Would the pages be ranked lower because of this?

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Site for Review http://www.gpwebsolutions.com/gp2/index.php

We already are aware of the problem with the navbar flickering when a user hovers over it. We are working on a fix but we are also open to suggestions on the issue.

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Domain Names And SEO

I have a couple of questions for you, my friends in wpw.

1. DO SEs check information about the owners of domains? Are the inbound links originating from a variety of sites all belonging to one owner less important than normal links?

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Locating Broken Links In A Site

Inside webmaster tool a site has 29 links under not found list. The site has around 500 pages, so searching for these not found links is bit tedious job. I thought why google is not displaying the url of the pages where it located ( or found ) these broken links, this will help rather than showing the broken links itself.

Is there any other way to find out the location ( or origin ) of these broken links ?

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Pay Per Play (Audio) Advertising

Received an email this morning offering to buy 100% of our ad space on our blog Girlz Night Magazine.

The guy was from this site Net Audio Ads, which provides "pay per play" audio advertising. First I've heard of this, but it looks like when someone visits your site they hear a 5 second audio advert and you get paid for them hearing it.

It seems a strange one this, for a start I would imagine a lot of people have their sound turned off when browsing the web? I don't think it is something I would consider adding to my site as I think it would quickly irritate my customers, but for a blog designed purely to earn ad revenue perhaps it could work?

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