Options For Email Marketing Tools

Tuesday, February 5, 2008 by Mistlee

Options For Email Marketing Tools

By Manoj Jasra

Email marketing campaigns are still widely used in online marketing strategies. It becomes very important to measure the overall effectiveness of a campaign so that when you deliver content your readers actually engage with it.

Many of the standard email marketing solutions offer metric tracking such as:

• Email Opens
• Bounces
• Email Forwards
• Links Clicked (ClickThroughs)
• Spam Detection
• Amount of Successful Deliveries
• New Subscribers
• Opt Outs

The most successful email campaigns are the ones that measure the email message related metrics and take it a step further by tracking website usage after a reader clicks through to a given website. By combining the metrics mentioned above in addition to tracking email campaigns down to website content viewed/conversions/purchase, this can truly help you create a customized campaign which will result in far fewer bounces and opt-outs.

Below I have compiled a list of some of the most popular email marketing solutions, most of which offer some type of trial period:

Constant Contact starts at a price of $15/month for up to 500 members in your mailing list and comes with a 60 day trial version. Constant Contact also has a survey module which can be added for an additional monthly fee starting at $15/month.

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Lyris has an advantage in that it has a tight integration with CMS (Hot Banana) and Web Analytics (ClickTracks). It offers different versions of desktop/web based solutions but I found the price a little difficult to find on their website.

MailChimp offers a 30 Day trial version and offers free support, email templates, sign up forms and starts at $15/month (500 members). If you're a non-profit organization you get a discounted rate of $12.50/month. MailChimp also integrates with Googel Analytics.

EmailLabs offers various solutions including Newsletters, eCommerce, Enterprise and Agencies. I wasn't able to quickly find a price but was impressed with the number of features EmailLabs offered. The website also mentions an integration with HBX (now SiteCatalyst HBX).

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