Net Stalker's N-Stealth

Monday, February 11, 2008 by Mistlee

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Net Stalker's N-Stealth

By Dan Morrill

If you need yet another tool in your tool box, and you want a good web site application level scanner, then you might want to check out N-Stealth from Net Stalker.

Nstealth is a small footprint scanner that in the free edition can find a lot of interesting things about your web site, from cross site scripting issues, through foot printing and fingerprinting of your system. The free ware version used below is one that is ok, costs no money, and can identify most of the issues with your web server.

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The video above shows you how to use the tool, and how to verifiy the output from the tool. As with all tools, it can find a number of false positives, and it is always a good idea to test the tools findings, to make sure if there really is an issue.

Tools used in this episode - Nstalker's Nstealth which you can find here.


About the Author:
Dan Morrill has been in the information security field for 18 years, both civilian and military, and is currently working on his Doctor of Management. Dan shares his insights on the important security issues of today through his blog, Managing Intellectual Property & IT Security, and is an active participant in the ITtoolbox blogging community.

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