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Thursday, February 7, 2008 by Mistlee

Why does Word of Mouth matter to your business?

The explosion of social media - blogs, social networks, forums, message boards and more - have turned consumers into opinion-wielding influencers of your business. There are tens of millions of these online communities, and these are the venues today's consumers listen to to decide what - and what not - to buy. Positive opinions and comments are the best advertising available. And negative comments can kill a business.

Savvy companies are starting to listen and act on consumer sentiment about their brands. That's where we come in. Andiamo Systems continuously mines these online communities and delivers you actionable and real-time reports you can use to keep your finger on the pulse of consumer opinions, and even gain valuable competitive insight. Our Word of Mouth Measurement uses a powerful combination of advanced technology plus human review to ensure relevant, accurate and useful intelligence.
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Monitor consumer awareness & buzz for your brands
Identify & engage with Influencers of brand perception and purchase intent
See if people like or dislike your brand - and why!
Gain competitive intelligence
Anticipate & manage PR and reputation issues
Better pinpoint marketing messages & ad placement
Measure campaign impact
Be more relevant to your consumers and increase ROI
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