Backup Your Windows Mobile Device For Free

Tuesday, February 12, 2008 by Mistlee

Backup Your Windows Mobile Device For Free

By Nathan Weinberg

If you ever try to upgrade the firmware on you Windows Mobile device (or install a custom/hacked/leaked ROM), you're always warned to backup your device before getting started.

But how do you back it up? Most backup software costs money, and the rule of thumb when it comes to mobile is Always Look For Free First.

Thankfully, there is a free alternative, as I was pleased to discover when looking at upgrading to Windows Mobile 6. PIM Backup runs on Windows Mobile 2003SE, Windows Mobile 5.0, and Windows Mobile 6. It backs up your appointments, call logs, contacts, messages (including text), speed dials, tasks, and your entire file system, and can be configured to include or exclude any thing, with many options.

Your backup can be done faster and more reliably to a binary file, or a little slower to a text file, which you can edit and draw data out of, if you wish. Files can be backed up to your device's storage card, for backups on the go and transferring to another mobile device. Automatic backups can be scheduled and automatically performed at a specified time.

I used PIM Backup, and was impressed with the quality of the program. I can't imagine paying for backup software after the great job PIM did. You can download it from the creator, Dotfred, who has other mobile device programs as well, including a task manager, a program that notifies the user if the storage card comes loose, a Start Menu replacement that runs as a service, and an Alt-Tab style task switcher for mobiles.

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