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Thursday, March 6, 2008 by Mistlee

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WebProWorld Members,

First, reports came out that was planning on laying off employees. Then, rumors surfaced that they were abandoning search efforts to become a women's site instead. Now, is saying that simply isn't true, at least the part about search and the women's site. What do you guys think about the whole situation? Should abandon its search efforts? Should they become a "women's site"?

Our featured post today comes from fortune68, who has finished creating her first website. She needs tips, explanations and helpful hints for SEO and website submission. To read the rest of this post and see if you can help, click here!

As for the remaining posts, the first as some questions about freelancing. The second wants to know the use of Google page rank. And the last post wants suggestions on Google's new opt-in data sharing.

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Thursday, Mar 06, 2008 Visit Here

Search Engine Optimization Forum
Website Submission
Website Submission

I really am a Newbie - I have finished creating my first website through a site builder program (unfortunately I got sucked in, I am sure there is a way of creating websites WITHOUT spending a few thousand dollars!!!), and now my site looks (finally) good after I cleaned up my HTML (what a learning curve!), and I am now reading through this forum trying to find more tips, explanations and helpful hints for SEO, Website Submission etc, and guess what:

A lot of it still just sounds like Chinese to me!!! I am soooo frustrated, the more I read the more questions I have, and now I don't know where to start any more! Many of the posts and replies which I had a look at to gain some insight are of little or no use to me because I simply don't understand what they are talking about with all the technical talk. Sorry!

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Site for Review

My page currently downloads too slow; does anyone have an idea what I should do to improve this? Your help/advise will be greatly appreciated!

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Graphics & Design Discussion Forum
Freelance Question

I have a quick question that you all might be able to help me with. I've recently started freelancing full time. My question is...

Other than word of mouth, how can freelancers get jobs? What places are good for posting services ( that you don't get swallowed in the crowd?

One big thing is personally I like handeling my own finances, bids, etc.

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Google Discussion Forum
What Use Is Google Page Rank?

Is it worth running an Adwords (or other Pay-Per-Click options) campaign for keywords you already rank well for in the natural listings. I work for a Christian web hosting company. We've been around for over a decade. Several years ago started working on our natural search rankings. We've done pretty well in achieving top rankings for most of the keywords we've gone after, but there are still a few keywords for which we aren't as high as we'd like to be.

Does Google page rank actually mean anything, except bragging rights for the boys?

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Google Discussion Forum
Google's New Opt-In Data Sharing Initiative

Logging in to my Google Analytics account this morning, I found that I am being asked to "Opt-In" and start sharing my traffic data with Google.

I know this has been a long-theorized development here at WPW, so I figured I'd toss this subject up for discussion.

Google presents a Data Sharing FAQ for those who want to learn more about this initiative - I was reading through it, and I found the last question to be particularly intriguing:

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