Okay To Have More Than One Sitemap?

Wednesday, March 5, 2008 by Mistlee

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WebProWorld Members,

Have you all checked out our videos from SMX West in California? The most recent videos that went up are an interview with Stephan Spencer, President of Netconcepts, and interview with Andrew Goodman, the Founder and Principal of Page Zero Media. We will have more up soon so be sure to check back in the days to come!

Our featured post today comes from lori99, who is wondering if it is okay to have more than one sitemap. She has been hired to SEO one section of a site. The entire site has a sitemap. Is it wrong to create a sitemap for the specific section that she is optimizing? What do you think?

As for the remaining posts, the first wants help with getting good search results without quotes. The second wants to know about natural listings and pay-per-click. And the last post has questions on robots and adwords.

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Search Engine Optimization Forum
Okay To Have More Than One Sitemap?
Okay To Have More Than One Sitemap?

Hi, It's been a while since I logged on, however I have a question that I think is worthy of sharing with WebProWorld.

I have a client, we will call them XYZ Corp. for confidential reasons, who has a unique situation in regards to what I was hired to do.

Their corporate site is maintained in Europe - yet each department can maintain their section of their site. I have been hired to SEO one section of the site - basically one product line (about 50 pages). The entire XYZ Corp. site has a sitemap. Is it wrong to create a sitemap for the specific section that I am optimizing?

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Posted by: lori99 View Post | Click To Comment

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Search Engine Optimization Forum
Good Search Results Without Quotes

If you take for example "Mount Juliet Golf Course & Golf Club, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland the page title has the words Golf Course and Ireland within the title tag.

When you search for "Golf Course Ireland" (incouding the quotes) the site comes up 3rd which isn't bad ... but how can you get your site listed well when you don't use the quotes?

What factors influence this ranking on the results page?

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Search Engine Optimization Forum
Natural Listings and PayPer-Click

Is it worth running an Adwords (or other Pay-Per-Click options) campaign for keywords you already rank well for in the natural listings. I work for a Christian web hosting company. We've been around for over a decade. Several years ago started working on our natural search rankings. We've done pretty well in achieving top rankings for most of the keywords we've gone after, but there are still a few keywords for which we aren't as high as we'd like to be.

So, we recently decided to start Adwords campaigns for the keywords we weren't ranking well for.

That's all well and good, but the discussion has now come up of whether we should also be including keywords in the campaign for which we already rank well in the natural listings. The two arguments in favor of this are that it could increase branding and that it could potentially increase traffic (get some searchers we aren't getting now).

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Google AdWords/Google AdSense
Question About Robots and Adwords

From what can tell, Google penalizes organic rankings for duplicate content. Our main site is being designed for SEO (we use index/follow tags).

But we have several AdWords minisites that we use that have duplicate content of the main site (landing pages are modified a bit according to AdWords keywords). For these types of AdWords minsites, I'm wondering what would be the best index/follow tag to use?

I don't want the duplicate content on the minisites to compete/pentalize our main website, but I also want the AdWords spiders to make full use of them (to keep my AdWords Landing page quality score up, etc). Is it suggested to use noindex/follow on these minisites so that the AdWords will index them, but the Search Engines won't try to index them and see them as duplicate content?

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