How Many Legitimate Business Did Google Kill?

Friday, March 7, 2008 by Mistlee

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Once again, Kentucky is getting hit with some nasty weather. The meteorologists are all saying it might be the most snow we have had in over a decade. The snow isn't too bad as far as driving goes, but we get the rain and ice along with it, and that makes for some horrible road conditions. I hope it's better where you are, I think I might head back to California! ;)

Our featured post today comes from arius, who says that Google is penalizing their site. The site gets ample traffic from other search engines, Ask almost twice as Google Organic traffic. Arius is trying to figure out what to do. To see if you can help, click here!

As for the remaining posts, the first wants help with redirecting a web page. The second wants to know about Google Crawler & Webmaster Crawler. And the last post has some questions about having two versions of a page.

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Friday, Mar 07, 2008 Visit Here

Google Discussion Forum
How Many Legitimate Businesses Did Google Kill?
How Many Legitimate Business Did Google Kill?

This has happened to me before, and is happening at a different online business again. For no apparent reason Google is penalizing our It must be a penalty since the site gets ample traffic from other search engines (Ask almost twice as Google Organic traffic , that should give you an idea), but there is definitely something.

There are couple very uncompetitive keywords the SERP is high, but for anything valuable it is 10+ pages later. Site is old, full of content, no black (even light gray) SEO. We just can not figure out.

In the office we are trying to figure out what should we do. This is so unfair that Google with the might and power that it gets from the millions of visitors (not to mention $billions in market cap) does not provide any means to small and medium size businesses and webmaster to communicate. After all they are supposedly the no-do evil, good guys but what are we going to do?

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Site for Review

Hi, I would be pleased to hear any constructive views about my new site. My number one aim of course is to get it up higher in the search engines.

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Web Programming Discussion Forum
Redirecting A Web Page

I did this once long time ago when I was first learning about HTML.

But now I have forgotten how it is done.

There is a way of having one HTML page redirecting and loading another page. I think it is done on the tag. I remember it is something like
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Google Discussion Forum
Google Crawler & Webmaster Crawler

After a long time I am back here...

I have a doubt on crawlers...

What is the difference between google search engine crawlers and google webmasters crawlers? are they the same? If my webpage is indexed by the webmasters crawlers.. does that mean even google crawler has indexed it.

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Search Engine Optimization Forum
Two Versions Of A Page

Suppose I have a CMS driven website and different page are generated through then CMS say for category and items under particular category. Can I have the site structure in a way that category pages have two version one in id=1 etc and one HTML page whereas items under category pages remain dynamic

Can this cause duplicate content issue in search engines particularly Google?

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