How Can I Reduce My Heavy Page Size?

Monday, March 3, 2008 by Mistlee

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WebProWorld Members,

I'm back, did you miss me? I'm pretty sure my co-workers did since they had to take over all of my work while I was gone. Unfortunately for them, they will be doing my work again when I head to New York for SES in a couple of weeks. Sorry guys! If it helps any, the weather won't be as nice as it was in sunny California. ;) ...Enough teasing them, on with the update...

Our featured post today comes from ozzman, who has navigational menus and a flash animation on the main page of his web site. He has a couple questions about reducing the size and why heavy page size is not good for Google. To know more and see if you can help click here!

As for the remaining posts, the first wants tips and hints on rollovers. The second has a question about duplicate content. And the last post wants some info on partial site indexing.

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Monday, Mar 03, 2008 Visit Here

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How Can I Reduce My Heavy Page Size?
How Can I Reduce My Heavy Page Size?

I have used navigational menus and a flash animation on the main page of my web site. The increase in weight of the page is obvious in this case. The page size is 170 K now. I thought this page size is too heavy for Google. Then I checked my competitor’s website and they are also using heavy flash animations and navigational menus but their page size is not more than 60 K. Can I ask what the main reason of it is? Where I am missing anything or what should I do to use flash animation and navigational menu with reduced size like my competitors?

Please also share, why a heavy page size is not good for Google? If you reference by an article about it, it will be more helpful for me.

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Tool Tips and Hints on Rollover

You know when you rollover a link and it pops up a little text as a title for the link....

Well I know how to do it, by putting a title= in the tag, but what I want to know, is why is it so slow.

is it just on my machine here, that you do not see the title text of a link, unless you hover for around 3 seconds.

Is there anyway, other than an invisible show hide layer, to make those little text hints faster to display?

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Google Discussion Forum
Duplicate Content Or Not? You decide!

Hi guys... I have a website (Rent Guaranteed New Zealand Investment Property - Earn $100,000+ Per Year | Retirement Income) that promotes "rent guaranteed New Zealand investment property" through my New Zealand based investment property company. This site has a very extensive FAQ section.

I am also in the throws of building several other web sites - (geo-targeting-friendly) - that will be domiciled on servers in "target market countries". For instance, right now I am half way through building: which will be targeting "New zealand ex-pats as well as local UK property investors to buy property in New Zealand", once again via my New Zealand based property company.

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Search Engine Optimization Forum
Partial Site Indexing

I have a question over how to improve the SEo of my companies site - all comments are welcome.

The issue is that we have a site with over 4,000 pages - but Google consitently seems to index no more that 1,200 of these.

With our generic keywords we get very good rankings - many at 1 or 2 - so the site is seen by Google as good. The problem comes with the individual product pages where only some of these are indexed.

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