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Friday, May 30, 2008 by Mistlee

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Landing Pages: Good vs. Bad

Just in case you are not aware, a landing page is the page that you go to after you click on a banner, search result, or email promotion. In an interview with Mike McDonald at the 25th Annual ACCM Conference, Karen Crist of Bright Cloud Marketing explains the differences between a good landing page and a bad one.
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A-Listers Killing Twitter With Tweets
By David A. Utter

Popular people with long lists of followers on Twitter may be partly responsible for the micro-blogging site's performance woes at times.

Twitter serves as a messaging service these days, above and beyond what its creators imagined their experiment in one-to-many SMS messaging would become. As fans of Twitter, but lately its up and down availability made it difficult to drop an update to those who follow us on the service.

Twitter developer Alex Payne talked about the issues in a post at the Twitter Technology blog. He answered several questions posed by users of the site about its development and related issues.

In one response, Payne noted how a certain group of users may be the people responsible for some of Twitter's growing pains:

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