How To Redirect Mobile Traffic To Mobile Content

Friday, May 2, 2008 by Mistlee

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How To Redirect Mobile Traffic To Mobile Content

By Ross Dunn

In the past I have written articles about the growing importance of creating a mobile website. I am currently in the process of creating yet another article with an update on the basic methods of creating a mobile website based on StepForth's own work so that hopefully more people will take the time to do so.

During my writing I came up with some burning questions:

Once I have a website how do I ensure mobile users find it? The obvious answer was a redirection of some sort but what kind?

Is there a simple answer to the most popular programming languages online?

I plowed through endless articles and tutorials that were often jam-packed with bafflegab only understandable to programmers - a group I am far from apt to join. After a while I finally came up with some answers but frankly I found the process exhausting and it became clear I had better share my findings so that others could benefit from my research. As a result, here is my latest addition to StepForth's Web Marketing Knowledgebase: How to Redirect Mobile Traffic to Mobile Content.

I must note that I am still far from confident that I have acquired all of the answers but I did provide at least one solution for redirecting mobile traffic within each of the most common web languages; PHP, ASP and ColdFusion.

If you are not of the faint of heart and you want to dive deeper into the world of mobile redirection and design I urge you to visit the Wireless Universal Resource File (WURFL).


About the Author:
Ross Dunn is the CEO and founder of StepForth Search Engine Placement Inc., an SEO firm that has been providing expert services since 1997. Ross´s considerable experience in the world of search has made him a respected writer for countless publications and an SEO consultant for small business and Fortune 500 web properties.
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