Release Of Windows XP SP3 Delayed

Thursday, May 1, 2008 by Mistlee

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Release Of Windows XP SP3 Delayed

By Doug Caverly

People and businesses all over the world have, at least in a figurative sense, been pounding on tables, shouting, "We want XP SP3!"

The promised released date approached, and then Microsoft responded the other day with what amounts to "Whoops, you can't have it yet."

A compatibility issue relating to the Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System is being blamed for the delay. The length of the delay hasn't been nailed down, and since early glimpses of SP3 indicated that it might offer increased security and performance, onlookers aren't too happy.

On the slightly bright side, it seems that genuine ineptitude, and not some scheme to cripple XP and promote Vista, is behind the foul-up. Distribution of Vista SP1 has been halted, too, you see (due to the same compatibility issue), and Microsoft wouldn't ever do anything to hurt the already-struggling, would-be replacement.

Still, both operating systems will receive dings to their reputations over this development. No one's going to impulsively buy a Mac over a short holdup, but it's hardly good for Microsoft's image.

J. Nicholas Hoover notes that a Microsoft release manager explained the delay by saying it's "[i]n order to make sure customers have the best possible experience . . ."

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